best homemade peanut butter ice cream recipe
Best Healthy Peanut Butter Ice Cream Recipe for Homemade
August 28, 2016

Who invented ice cream and when was ice cream invented?

when was ice cream invented? in amarica

Countries Invented ice creams

History of ice cream china

Well, thousands of peoples searching for this topic who invented ice cream or when was invented? Searching for ice cream history. Is ice cream invests in America? Or china? Or by Roman Empire? Yes in china in 618 AD King Tang of Shang has about 94 ice men who come to make ice creams like dish with camphor, flour, and milk. So when was ice cream invented? Around 200 BC in china frozen mixture of rice and buffalo milk used as an ice cream.

Who invented ice cream

History of ice cream America

First-time ice cream introduces in America in 1744, Scottish colonist visit to Maryland governor and he got strawberry ice cream there and write about that taste, from there ice cream invaded to presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, after that loving to eat in summer and from that in the upper way called dessert yet!

when was ice cream invented? in amarica

New York, merchant in America showed that President George Washington at that time especially for summer season invest about 200$ for having the new ice cream taste 1790 for more Visit at Wikipedia.

Marco Polo (1254-1324) was on his journey and during visit to china he saw that new delicious taste and shared to Italy with reach…………!

Persian ice cream

Persians  made new taste with chilled food in 400 BC with Vermicelli and water of rose and Vermicelli is traditional paste of Persians, ice cream mix with many different fruits and foods to have many different tastes………….!

Roman ice cream History

Not a special time but in 37–68 AD they brought ice from hills and mix up with different fruits and foods and got many tastes to have a delicacies food.

Ice cream in Asia

Well, this time, Mughals there who are like a founder of ice creams in 16 century. Mughals used horsemen to bring ice from the Hindu Kush to different cities in India and used them for different foods.

Ice cream history in asia


Ice cream invented in Europe

Welcome to Europe it’s like a very delicious journey from oversea to Europe but how European get this thought to have ice cream? Well, In 1533 Italian duchess Catherine de’ Medici gets married to Duke of Orléans (2nd henry of France) at that time she said to get some Italian chefs with her to France who had those ice and dessert flavored. Hundred years later Charles of England ordered to keep this food taste secret and he bought ice cream maker for the lifetime with the high price!

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Who invented ice cream the first time?

Well, we already discuss that but who was the man invented this delicious flavor for us? Yes, again china is here where some herbs, rice, milk and many other products mixed up and get this new taste to the world, in many historical books have many different legends but we are going to touch Marco polo who traveled to china and discover ice cream and took that secret to Italy. Henry II of France who made Frozen dessert from sweet cream and introduces ice cream in Europe, So Who invent ice cream here we can say that Marco polo and Henry II of France are the Inventor of ice cream.

The Art of Cookery by Hannah Glasse


when was ice cream invented?