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How to make MINION ice cream recipe, Minion Strwberries, cake and bars?

Minion ice cream recipe

Welcome to Myicecreams, today we are going to make Minion ice cream recipe, How to Make Minion Strawberries, How to Make Minions Milk Ice Cream and also minion ice cream cake and bars. Before this we are going to share amazing pictures and video for minion ice creams, so how to make Minion ice cream recipe? Read below and get ready now….!


Minion ice cream recipe


Ingredients for Minion ice cream recipe

15+ Mini Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Half Tsp+ Yellow Food Coloring

1 Tbsp of Vanilla Extract

2 Cups of Heavy Cream

four Large Perfectly Ripened Bananas

20+ Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

14 oz Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

How to make Minion ice cream recipe? (Instructions)

  • Take 15 Oreos and 10+ Oreos mini cookies & separate in halves For each “eye”, used the cream crammed side of the ordinary sized Oreo and the obvious cookie aspect of the Oreo mini cookie for the pupil. Take the ultimate cookies halves and overwhelm them. Set aside.


  • In a excessive powered mixer, mixture the heavy cream and vanilla extract till it bureaucracy stiff peaks. Fold the sweetened condensed milk and add yellow food coloring until fully mixed and ideal favored yellow color is preferred. Stir in beaten cookie halves and mashed bananas. Pour into a freezer friendly container. overwhelm the final five complete sized Oreos and sprinkle flippantly over the pinnacle of the batter.


  • lastly, area the “Minion eyes” flippantly on top and press in lightly. cowl and freeze for at least five hours or in a single day.

How to Make Minion Strawberries

How to Make Minions Milk Ice Cream Zoku pop

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