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Minion ice cream recipe
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Top 30+ Best Haagen Daz Ice Cream Flavours list & Haagen Daz cake and bars


Lunched Top 30+ Best Haagen Daz Ice Cream Flavours list & Haagen Daz cake and bars by Myicecreams. It is easy to be addicted to anything that is sweet and ice creams are no exceptions. Ice cream is loved by many all around the world and this is why there are several brands that are creating some fabulous ice cream flavors to satisfy the taste buds of ice cream lovers. Out of the many brands of ice creams, there is a few that offer exceptionally high quality, classic taste and exclusive flavor combination. One of the most popularly adored and best-selling ice cream brand in the world is Hagen Daz ice cream. This is why this article is dedicated to the ice cream lovers; all ice cream addicts and foodies out there. It is best to know what you are eating as it is famously said you are what you eat. Therefore we bring you everything that you should know about your favorite ice cream brand. We hope you have a good read!


What does Haagen-Dazs stand for?

How many Haagen-Dazs ice cream flavors?

How many flavors does Haagen-Dazs Ice cream have?


Best-selling Haagen Dazs ice cream flavors list


Haagen-Dazs is a very popular and old ice cream brand. It has been in this business for years so it is natural that they know what they are doing. The key to keeping your customers happy is to offer them variety as much as possible. It is important to have loyal customers if you want to be a successful brand that is around for a long time. Luckily Hagen Daz ice cream is one such brand that is popular because it knows how to make its customers happy with a wide array of flavor combinations and products. The customers are free to choose the flavors that make them the happiest and suit their taste best. There are more than hundreds of ice cream flavors that Haagen- Dazs offers. It is hard to believe that the brand offers more than 40 exclusive flavors only in Japan. Therefore it is easy to assume what a long list of flavors the brand must have. However, we have shortlisted a few bestselling flavors that are consistently bestselling.


Vanilla is a rich creamy sweet flavor that comes from vanilla beans. This flavor is very popular not only for Haagen-Dazs but for all other ice cream brands as well. In fact, vanilla is used as the core and basic flavor for many other flavors because vanilla has the quality of going well with almost all flavors.


Another popular bestselling flavor by Haagen-Dazs is coffee. Coffee with its bittersweet flavor is magical to the palate. In addition to this coffee is a hot favorite because there are various combinations that are possible for coffee. Coffee and chocolate combined make the yummiest mocha flavors. Similarly coffee works amazingly well with whipped cream or dry milk.


Naturally rich, jam packed with nutrients and visibly vibrant, Strawberries are the bestselling flavors of ice cream worldwide hands down! The rich pink color it adds to foods and the variations that are possible with strawberries are outstanding. All in all, strawberries are one of the most popular flavors of ice cream.

Oreo and cookies

If there is one ice cream flavor that can probably be loved more than chocolate or Choco chip itself it has to be Oreo and cookies. Crushed Oreo with whipped cream and vanilla is a flavor combination that makes one salivates only with the thought of it. This combination of flavors has made history of popularity and is loved by literally every living human alive! Addition to the winning streak of Oreo is cookies. Think you love cookies? You should try the bestselling Hagen-Daz ice cream flavor of cookies! You will dream about it for months!

What does Haagen-Dazs stand for?


When talking about Hagen Daz ice cream it is impossible to move further without talking about what this term actually stands for. There are many assumptions regarding the roots of the word itself or the meaning of the world. However, the word itself has no literal meaning. Tough it is that the word is originated from the ‘Danish’ language, however, there is no sole proof for its origin as well. And while there are many assumptions stating that Hagen-Daz stands for delicious, creamy, rich, flavorsome unfortunately all are merely rumors. The truth is that the word has no exact meanings in any language. Even the origin of the word itself is not confirmed yet.

How many flavors does Haagen-Dazs ice cream have?

Haagen-Dazs is a mighty ice cream brands that has chains and franchises all around the world. The unique thing about Haagen-Dazs is that it offers flavor combinations according to the country. While there are flavors of vanilla, coffee and chocolate chip that are common and uniformly distributed all around the world, there are many limited edition and exclusive flavors as well that Haagen-Dazs offers country to country. For instance, there are over 40 flavors that the brand exclusively sells in China and Japan only such as sushi and oyster. So it is hard to give an exact figure of how many flavors does this brand exactly have. However, the most popular flavors that this ice cream brand has to offer include

hagen daz ice cream flavors

Cookies and cream Praline
Chocolate Coconut and lime
Coconut and pineapple Chocolate and raspberry truffle
Strawberry cheesecake Mint chip
Vanilla and Swiss chocolate Chocolate peanut butter
Peanut butter Mocha
Butter Pecan Dark chocolate fudge
Crème Brule Banana split
Rocky road Peach and oranges
Mango and jam Cherry vanilla
Green tea Blueberry crumble
Mango and jam Coconut macaroon
Blueberry crumble Pistachio and nuts
Zesty lemon Salted caramel
Strawberry and cream Cookies dough
Roasted almonds Rum raisins


Hagen Daz ice cream cake and bars

In addition to ice creams, the ice cream cakes and bars by Hagen Daz are also very popular. They offer a wide array of exclusive and beautifully crafted ice cream cakes that are jam packed with flavor. The best ice cream cakes that are hard to go by without tasting include


 Macadamia nut brittles ice cream cake

 Chocolate and salted caramel ice cream cake

 Mint leaves and chocolate ice cream cake

 Strawberry cheesecake ice cream cake


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