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Easy Homemade Chocolate Ice cream Recipes for Chocolate Addicts

chocolate ice cream recipes

If there is one thing that is loved by all uniformly throughout the world it is chocolate. Chocolate is adored by every child and adult alike in all its forms, shapes, and sizes. There are many types of chocolates that are loved by people; white chocolate, milk chocolate, Belgium chocolate, dark chocolate and the list never seems to end. However, if there is one way to enjoy chocolate even more than its original state it is in an ice cream. Chocolate ice cream recipes have flooded the internet and cookbooks over the past few years but still people are unable to create a quick ice cream at home to enjoy with their loved ones! However, you can follow the recipes that you find in this article and try them at home. We guarantee that these chocolate recipes for chocolate ice cream, chocolate mint ice cream and Choco chip ice cream are just too hard to resist for chocolate addicts.

Easy mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe for ice cream maker

Chocolate and mint ice cream are very popular. In fact, it is regarded as being one of the top ice cream flavors of the world. Mint chocolate chip ice cream has many recipes and many different techniques through which it can be made. However, if you are a beginner at home you should never stress yourself with overwhelming recipes that are 10 pages long. This will only result in you spoiling your entire ice cream by overcomplicating things for yourself. We bring you the best mint and chocolate chip ice cream recipe that is super easy to make at home. Since mint and chocolate chip is such a fabulously tempting and mouthwatering combination it is essential that you have the easiest recipe up your sleeve so you can make your friends and family happy by making ice cream in the least amount of time.

mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe

Easy homemade mint and chocolate chip ice cream recipe

Chocolate is greatly loved by people but the combination of chocolate and mint ice cream flavor is unbeatable. However, people think that out of all chocolate ice cream recipes it is the hardest to make this flavor combination at home. However, the reality is completely opposite. To make mint and chocolate chip ice cream recipe at home is easier than you actually think. You just need to have a few basic simple ingredients, a good ice cream maker and follow a few quick steps to have your ice cream done in no time.


The ingredients that you will need for your chocolate chip and mint ice cream are very simple. In fact, half of the ingredients are present in all kitchens in almost every household. The key to making a god sweet or savory dish is to have all the ingredients that are required for it. Skipping any one ingredient can make or break your dish. The ingredients that you will need are

 Condensed milk

 Sugar granular form

 Salt

 Heavy or double cream

 Egg yolks

 Chocolate syrup

 Cocoa powder

 Chocolate chips

 Mint leaves

 Artificial coloring

 chocolate ice cream recipes

Process of ice cream making

The process of making your favorite chocolate chip and mint ice cream is very simple. You will need to start by separating egg yolks from the egg whites in a bowl. You will at least need 8 to 12 egg yolks, depending on the quantity of ice cream you intend to make. Beat the eggs till they are a smooth consistency before you add your sugar and salt. You are advised to wait before you add your sugar so that the taste is deep and the mixture does not have any lumps. One you have a sugar and eggs mixture beaten up to a fluffy and aerated consistency you can leave it to rest for some time while you work on other components of your ice cream. The next step is to combine the chocolate powder, mint essence and flavoring with the condensed milk and heavy cream. Once all ingredients are combined you can allow the mixture to incorporate with the egg yolk and sugar mixture and mix together in the ice cream maker. Very soon you will begin to notice the consistency of your mixture will start to change in the ice cream maker. You will start to have a thick and smooth texture for your ice cream. You can then add your chocolate chips and a little artificial coloring as well. Once you have your mixture was done, which will almost take 40 to 60 minutes you can allow it to rest and set in the freezer for a little while before serving.

Cuisinart Ice cream maker for dark chocolate ice cream

If you are a foodie and love cooking at home for your friends, family and loved ones, only then you can understand why having a good machine for cooking processes is important. A good ice cream maker is a long-term investment. It does not matter what an amazing recipe you might have a homemade ice cream because it will be spoilt if you don’t make it in the right maker. However, Cuisinart ice cream maker is known for making some of the best and most delicious homemade dark chocolate ice cream. Making ice cream in Cuisinart ice cream maker is almost the same process for all flavors of ice cream. However, the only difference is that for a stronger flavor like dark chocolate you should know the right proportions of other ingredients to balance out the flavor.

chocolate ice cream recipes

Kitchenaid ice cream maker for homemade chocolate ice cream

Kitchenaid ice cream maker is known for making life easier for every lady in the house. It is a little chef on its own. You only have to put in all ingredients into the mixer and leave the rest to Kitchenaid. For instance, to make chocolate ice cream you will only have to add all ingredients into the maker and wait for it to do its wonder. It makes the most delicious ice cream in the least amount of time.

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