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Homemade Chocolate covered ice cream bombe recipe
September 10, 2016
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How to Make Banana chocolate ice cream recipe with ice cream maker
September 14, 2016

Top 10 Best ice cream Brands Name list in the World 2016

best ice cream brands


Today Going to Talk about Ice Cream Brands well, The world is moving in a healthier direction. People are becoming fitness freaks and working hard to achieve their ideal dream bodies. In process of doing so, people tend to cut down on all their favorite foods. However, one thing which is definitely impossible for foodies to give up on is ice creams. People love ice creams and there is no secret about that. From children to adults and oldies, there is no single person who minds good two, three scoops of yummy flavored ice creams. Ice creams are very popular and this is no hidden secret. So it is understandable that there are many brands of ice cream that are producing some very amazing flavor combinations and winning hearts all over. This article is dedicated to the best ice cream brands in the world that have been around for years. These best ice cream brands continue to win our hearts and break our diets because they come up with some amazing ice cream flavors each month.

best ice cream brands

Which is the top selling ice cream brands?

World Best ice cream brands names?

Top 10 best ice cream brands in the world

There are many ice cream brands ranking on top positions for the past many years now. However, in the recent years, there have been some additions to the list of favorites because new brands have made their way through. These brands with their unique flavors and creative ideas for flavor combinations have won our hearts and loyalty as well. In this world, there are mostly two types of people. The first kind is the people who love ice cream just for the taste of it and can eat ice cream from any brand. All they are mainly bothered with is the taste. If the taste is good they are good to go. The second type of people is however completely different. These are the people who love ice cream and enjoy it as well but are brand conscious. These are the type of people that make loyal customers because they stick to one brand for the most part of their life.

When we combine these two types of people we get the ice cream lovers who love ice cream regardless of everything else. These are the people who are unbiased and the ranking of ice cream brands each year is based on the opinion of these people. So the 10 ice cream brands that are the best ice cream brands 2016 as well are the following.

1. Magnum

ice cream brands

With its amazing rich dark Belgium chocolate taste, magnum has won millions of heart for the past several years. Recently it has been launching its own franchises all around the world and this is why Magnum ranks at a first position in 2016.

2. Haagen-Dazs

ice cream brands

This company has been around for more than 6 decades now and has been creating some yummy ice creams ever since. It has been repeatedly listed as one of the top selling ice cream brands.

3. Cornetto

ice cream brands list

Although it comes under Unilever but Cornetto is a phenomenon on its own. Till date, there have been more than 50+ flavors that have experimented within the roasted biscuit cone. Everyone loves Cornetto!

4. Ben & Jerry

ice cream brands list

With its butterscotch and candy flavored ice creams, Ben & Jerry is number 4 amongst the top 10 ice cream brands of the world.

5. Dreyer/Edy’s Ice cream

ice cream brands list

Edy’s ice cream is known for its classic combination of ice cream flavors and that is why it is number 5 on the list.

6. Breyer’s

best ice cream brands

The unique ice cream flavors of Breyer’s such as coconut and lime or milk and coffee have always won the hearts of millions of people all around the world.

7. R&R ice cream

ice cream brands

R&R ice cream is a UK-based ice cream brand that has been popular because of its bold experimental flavors.

8. Blue Bunny

ice cream brands


It is a family owned business and is known for its great homemade similar taste.

9. Bluebell

ice cream brands

Though it ruled the list of major ice cream brands for many years but recently it has seen a downfall. This is why it ranks at number 9.

10. Milan Dairy group


This is an Iranian-based ice cream brand and is known for popularly incorporating Asian flavors into ice creams.

Natural and healthy ice cream brands of 2016

Did you know that ice creams are not only meant to satisfy your sweet cravings or make you fat? Ice creams can actually also help you to be healthier. This is only possible if you choose to eat ice creams from the best natural and healthy brands. People are recently able to enjoy ice creams during their diets thanks to these brands. The best natural and healthy brands of 2016 that are not only satisfying sweet cravings but making everyone healthy as well include the following.

 Julie’s Organic chocolate ice cream

 Ben and Jerry’s pistachio pistachio

 Three twins chocolate ice cream with orange confetti

 Non-dairy frozen dessert cappuccino

 Turkey hill all natural chocolate peanut butter gelato

 Luna and Larry’s organic coconut bliss

 Yasso Greek yogurt bars

 365 everyday trade coffee ice cream

ice cream brands

Top selling brands of ice cream in the USA

Americans are known for being the biggest foodies in the world. They enjoy their sweet and savory flavors bold and classic. As far as the ice cream brands are concerned, the best ice cream brands in America are the ones that experiment with exciting flavor combinations and challenge the taste buds of young Americans. The best and major ice cream brands in the United States that have been making sales records according to recent statistics are

 Breyer’s

 Ben and Jerry

 Wells Blue bunny

 Turkey hill

 Dreyer/Edy’s

Major ice cream brands names list in the USA

Funnily enough, the bestselling ice cream brands are not the major ice cream brands in the USA. This shows that half the ice cream brands in the USA work purely for customer satisfactions rather than increasing their profit margins. These brands include

 Dreyer/Edy’s

 Bluebell

 Blue Bunny

 Haagen-Dazs

 Skinny cow

 Weight watchers

 Turkey hill

 Trade Joe’s

 Blue Bunny

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